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Colloidal Silver 2oz, 4oz
Colloidal Silver 2oz, 4oz
Colloidal Silver 2oz, 4oz

Colloidal Silver 2oz, 4oz

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We are so excited to be able to offer this amazing immune supporting product to our customers!!  

Nature's Belle Colloidal Silver is made with silver micro-particles that are about 525% smaller than standard colloidal silver particles.  These tiny micro-particles are far easier for the body to absorb, utilize and afterwards excrete, than any other form of colloidal silver.

Less is more!  The ultra-small particle size also results in a greater silver surface area. That's why even with a low concentration of 10 ppm (parts per million), ours is still much more effective than brands that contain up to 500 ppm!

You see, "micro-particle" simply means that the tiny particles of silver suspended in the solution are more finely divided than standard colloidal silver particles. This is very important to understand, because it means that micro-particle colloidal silver can actually provide up to 200% more silver particles per dose (or even higher), than a similar batch of standard colloidal silver.

And that means you can take smaller, less concentrated doses, and still get far more of the electrically charged silver particles working in your body!

In other words, you get all of the benefits of standard colloidal silver, without all of the risks of having to take high concentrations!

There are so many amazing uses for Colloidal Silver.  We don't want you to just take our word for it, so we have included below, actual testimonials and how people have used colloidal silver.

Skin Conditions:

Dr. Ron Surowitz, head of the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, has stated that silver is often better than antibiotic drugs for healing topical skin infections.  He says:   

 Some of my teenage patients with facial skin infections seem to do well with a spray on the skin and into the mouth once or twice daily. Sometimes higher amounts are needed. This certainly beats taking antibiotics for years and years to prevent these skin conditions...It's interesting how many of my patients improve with the use of Colloidal Silver. It enhances the immune system where other antibiotics cause yeast overgrowth.”

Cuts, Acne & Topical Yeast Infections:

Colloidal Silver is an excellent anti-bacterial agent. I spray cuts and scratches and especially those that I may not catch immediately (i.e. on the back of my legs) that become inflamed, with a soaked cotton ball secured by a Band-Aid or two, and the next day the redness is gone and the normal scab begins to form. I've done this for myself and for family, friends and neighbors who have asked me to do so for them, after they've seen my results. 

When I have adult acne breakouts, I will spray a light mist all over my face after washing. I do this daily after showering or washing my face, and within a couple of days, my face is much more clear

 I am a diabetic, and suffer every now and then with topical yeast infections. I use my fine mist spray bottle at bedtime and after my shower. The itching and burning dissipates almost immediately.”  -- DH, Charleston, WV


I’ve been taking a half teaspoon of colloidal silver 3 times a day.  It’s really helped my psoriasis. Almost all of the infection is gone after two weeks and I can go outside again.” --  D. P., Hartford, AL

Ear Ache/Infection:

“On two different occasions my 8 year old granddaughter complained that her ears were hurting her.

Both times her mother just put 3 drops of colloidal silver in each ear.

She had Breanna lay on her side for at least 10 minutes with each ear facing up so that the silver had time to work and not just run right back out.

This was done twice a day for 2 days and the problem was gone.”

          -- S. Glentz, MI

Sore Throat:

When Dr. James Balsch, M.D. and his wife Phyllis Balsch, C.N.C., wrote their bestselling book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, they stated that colloidal silver could be gargled to stop a sore throat. 

Other experienced colloidal silver users prefer to carry a small pump spray bottle full of colloidal silver and spray the inside of the throat repeatedly throughout the day to relieve the burning pain of sore throat, and to bring the infection under control.

Sinus Infection/Cold:

Here’s what one brand new colloidal silver user wrote about using colloidal silver for a nasty sinus problem:

“I decided to try colloidal silver nasal spray after suffering from a sinus infection/cold for over two weeks. I happened to be watching the Dr. Oz show and he was discussing his remedies for the common cold… …When he got to colloidal silver I was convinced to try it.

…I bought the colloidal silver nasal spray this weekend and have used it conservatively for the past two days.  I noticed a difference almost immediately and slept throughout the night without congestion; something I had not been able to do for weeks.  I will continue to use the spray for the next day or two making sure to use the lowest dose. I think colloidal silver nasal spray has received a thumbs-up from me.”

Chest congestion & Bronchitis:

As colloidal silver user Diane L., from Erie, MI wrote some time back:

“I have put a few ounces in my humidifier/vaporizer at night to sanitize the air and breathe colloidal silver into my lungs to help break up chest congestion.

If I feel Bronchitis coming on, I will also use the humidifier/vaporizer during the day and increase my internal dose.”

Baby Eczema:

Here is an  Amazon review from a parent whose one-year old son was “riddled with eczema” and had tried the steroid creams and other medications from the doctor, to no avail, before trying colloidal silver. Here’s what the parent wrote:

 “My 1 year old son was riddled with eczema and after many creams including a steroid given by my doctor it still looked as bad as it did when he first broke out. After much research on the internet I stumbled upon colloidal silver and this stuff was claimed to be a cure all formula.

 I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I have read such as colloidal silver cures measles, mumps, tuberculosis and many others including MRSA. There are even scientific clinical trials proving that colloidal silver kills MRSA and does nothing to harm the patient.

 To cut a long story short after months and months of trying everything my doctor threw at us (no disrespect to him) it seemed the eczema was getting worse and worse.  But after stopping the creams we started using the colloidal silver, and in around 24 hours we could see that his eczema seemed to be less swollen and looked better.  My husband and I thought we might be imagining things but in 5 days of spraying 3 times a day and once before bed he is practically cured with just a few fading red marks on his skin. He feels much better and is a much happier baby now. I thank God every day for colloidal silver.

 I have read tons more about colloidal silver and have started using it on all my family and even my dog who seems to have a new lease of life since drinking the colloidal.  Thanks amazon and God bless colloidal silver the greatest natural antibiotic God has ever blessed us with.”

Pink Eye/ Eye Infections:

According to Dr. James Balch, M.D., author of the bestselling book Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, you can indeed use colloidal silver directly in your eyes for Pink Eye and other eye infections (i.e., conjunctivitis).

In his newsletter, he recommended a few drops in each eye, several times a day, of 5 ppm to 10 ppm colloidal silver.

Steve C., from Toronto, Canada wrote to say:

I had Pink Eye over a year ago, and I sprayed it right on my eye, perhaps 3 or four times, and my Pink Eye was gone the next morning!

My daughter got it a year later and it worked as easily for her as well. I guess we are just getting used to the everyday miracles this stuff can do!

Ann R.D. from Alabama wrote to say:

I make batches for all family members, all of whom have different purposes for it. For example, our grandson got pink eye. A few drops of silver in each eye had an immediate effect and the pink eye was gone in 48 hours.

I recommended it to a friend whose son’s eyes were swollen shut with pink eye and within 48 hours, his eyes were clear.

The uses for Colloidal Silver go on and on!  All around, it's a great staple to have in every home!!


*Check out our other Colloidal Silver listings for additional sizes!!


**This statement and this product have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease!**


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