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The Happy Hippie Body / Room Spray 2oz

The Happy Hippie Body / Room Spray 2oz

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This classic Hippie Patchouli scent has been a staple in our home since as long as I can remember! With just a hint of Ylang ylang, this spray will compliment anyone's day!

I have been making and wearing this spray for years now! I get compliments, get asked if I sell it, asked where I bought it and told I smell amazing! So I am FINALLY making my spray for others to enjoy!

This convenient 2oz size travels easily and fits in a purse or pocket well! This spray is not made with an oil base, so it can be sprayed directly on clothing without leaving a stain!

Shake well, spray and ENJOY!

Ingredients: 100 Proof Alcohol, Patchouli EO, Ylang Ylang EO

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